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Group and assisted stretching on patented equipment. The world leaders in stretching and stretch education with studios in 5 continents and trainees in over 30 countries.

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Why StretchFit?

Posture, Pain, Wellbeing, Sport, Performance and Recovery

After many years of searching for a place to stretch without any associated dogma, Anthony realised he was going to have to create this place himself. StretchFit is the result! A stretch gym and studio devoted entirely to your flexibility needs.

There’s no chanting and the purpose-built equipment makes stretching safe, simple, effective and affordable for any body and every body. (Just like a regular gym) There’s nothing better than a good stretch in our relaxing studios, just ask our hundreds of clients!

We say that “while cardio and weights might keep you alive, stretching will make it worth being alive!”

Our Sessions

StretchFit Private Group Sessions

Join a bunch of other flexibility-challenged clients and stretch away those aches and pains on a piece of equipment designed to make it easy.

StretchFit Solo Sessions

Your opportunity to relax and experience the simplicity and depth of StretchFit with the creators of the concept Anthony Lett and Kenyi Diaz.

How we work

The StretchFit Approach

Anyone who has studied medical science knows that muscles are found in compartments, or bundles. A well-known example is the hamstrings, a bundle of 4 muscles found at the back of the thigh.

Our approach is to isolate each of the bodies compartments and stretch them methodically. (Just like a regular gym!) It is anatomically based, precise, and no one is left guessing “am I doing it right!?”

At StretchFit we also hold stretches for 2 to 3 minutes. Research shows that this is the minimum period of time needed for long-lasting biological adaptation.

StretchFit uses a method called PNF or contract/relax stretching. Its use is common in physiotherapy and osteopathy.  Although it sounds complex, its simple to perform and vastly accelerates the acquisition of flexibility.