Why a bodybuilding approach works for stretching

by | Nov 7, 2022 | General Stretching


The Quadriceps group in the anterior thigh

If you’ve ever been to a gym to do some strength training, you’ll have used lots of different machines. One that isolates the calves, another for the hamstrings,

yet another for the quads, and so on. Each machine specifically isolates a muscle group (muscles are found in groups or compartments, like the quads below) and fatigues it. The muscle then grows back bigger. It’s a simple but scientific approach and it works.

At StretchFit, we use the same approach. Our equipment isolates specific muscle groups and stretches them. As a result of this tensile stress, the muscles grow back longer. There’s no complicated posing and no guessing “am I doing it right, or feeling it in the right place?” When you work through the body this way, you discover your tight areas, work on them consistently and everything eventually becomes more flexible. That is why bodybuilders use this approach. After developing every muscle group in the body and paying particular attention to the weaker ones their bodies becomes symmetrically muscular. Similarly,

after some consistent practice at StretchFit, your body becomes symmetrically flexible.

The StretchFit approach is to isolate muscle groups so that nothing is missed. Over time, the entire body becomes flexible.

Read what Leigh has written about our approach on our Google page here:

I’d been looking for a dedicated stretching class for some time after trying gyms, bootcamp, and yoga classes and finding I wasn’t seeing any improvement in my mobility or flexibility. 4 weeks with Anthony has seen dramatic improvement not only in my flexibility but overall wellbeing. His exercises and self designed equipment zones in and works specific muscle groups, allowing a full and effective stretch.

StretchFits approach follows a sound, anatomically based methodology that gets terrific results.

If you’d like to experience this simple, safe and effective approach, drop in or call and book your session.