Who are we?

With 50 years of combined teaching experience including NDIS amputees to world champions. Stretching is really our super power!.

About Us

Although this sounds like marketing speak, after 30 years of teaching stretching to health professionals in over 30 countries and publishing 8 books on the subject, (including 4 Amazon best sellers) Anthony and kenyi know what works, what doesn’t, and how to help you achieve your goals. Stretching really is our superpower!

Anthony Lett

StretchFit was created by international Pilates presenter and author Anthony Lett. Convinced of the powerful mind-body impact of effective stretching, and of the dire necessity of it in light of our modern sedentary lives, Anthony created StretchFit; wrote all StretchFit training material (7 manuals and counting!) and co-designed the equipment with wife Kenyi to maximize the benefits of flexibility for people of any age or ability in the simplest manner possible.

In his 30 years of teaching and coaching, Anthony has worked with professional athletes, world no. 1 tennis players, musicians, dancers, Olympic marathon runners and world champion martial artists. Anthony has written 8 published books on Pilates and stretching, including 4 Amazon best sellers.

Anthony has qualifications in a wide range of fields including Philosophy (La Trobe), Sports Science (Australian Institute of Sport), Exercise Medicine (Monash University), Clinical Anatomy (Monash University), Mind/Body Medicine (MIT) and Health as a Buddhist Practice (Nan Tien University). In 1995 Anthony was named the Victorian & Australian Coach of the Year by Tennis Australia.

Kenyi Diaz

Meet Kenyi, Exercise & Wellness Coach from Venezuela. Trained in dance, stretch therapy, and Pilates, she offers a holistic fitness approach. Known for her expertise in Yin Pilates, Kenyi has taught across Asia, Europe, and South America.

As a skilled graphic artist and co-author of eight books (four Amazon best sellers), she introduced “The Pilates Wunda Chair” in 2019, showcasing her deep Pilates knowledge. Co-founder of StretchFit, Kenyi contributes to fitness and holistic well-being.

Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Health and Social wellbeing at Nan Tien Institute in Australia, Kenyi is dedicated to expanding her knowledge. Join her journey of empowering individuals through mindful movement and holistic health practices.

The StretchFit difference and what it means for you

Stretch Fit’s unique patented equipment means a safe, effective stretch every time, without guessing “am I doing it right?” No more relying on trainers with varying expertise or proficiency or trying hard not to topple over on your mat in a class of lithe 20-somethings! Our equipment hits the right spot with ease and precision and little chance of injury. You’ll get a great stretch and reach your goals in no time, just ask our clients!

Our approach is anatomically based, isolating each of the bodies muscle groups and stretching them methodically, just like strength training equipment. We have stretches from the feet to the neck and everything in between. You’ll stretch muscles you never thought you had!

At StretchFit we also hold stretches for 2 to 3 minutes, using a timer and breathing techniques to guide you through. Research shows that this is the minimum period for biological adaptation. No more wasting time wondering why you didn’t improve your flexibility with past efforts!

StretchFit uses a method called PNF or contract/relax stretching. Its use is common in physiotherapy and osteopathy.  Although it sounds complex, its simple to perform and vastly accelerates the acquisition of flexibility. In 4 weeks, you’ll be feeling totally different!