Below are some articles by Anthony that highlight our approach and philosophy to all things stretching. Please enjoy and feel free to share.

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Fascia and Muscle Compartments

If you've read our previous blog titled "regional stretching, the unique StretchFit approach," but found it a bit too in-depth, this series of infographics from Visible Body will help you to make sense of the groups of muscles in the body, and how they form the basis...

A little stretching philosophy. Is stretching a means to an end (teleological) or an end in itself (aetiological)?

Take a moment to read and think about these questions and your approach to stretching by reading the article below. A teleological approach to stretching would view stretching as a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. The end goal could be for example to...

Stretching and Artificial Intelligence

As AI enters our lives, I was curious about what it had to say about stretching. So, I posed a simple question that we address in our workshops to "it," to see what it might come back with. “What are the mechanical and sensory adaptations to stretching?” I posited....

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