StretchFit's Brand Assets Usage Agreement and Guidelines

StretchFit’s logos, images and trademarks are assets that help define the Company’s corporate identity and brands. The following marketing and communications guidelines have been developed to facilitate proper and consistent delivery of communication materials pertaining to StretchFit, and StretchFit branded programming and equipment. Proper and consistent usage strengthens our premium brand, which in turn benefits those associated with our company and brands. All intellectual property is owned by StretchFit Pty Ltd. Use of the Company’s Intellectual Property is monitored carefully for compliance. In addition to protecting brand integrity, StretchFit has contractual obligations to protect the rights of the models depicted in photographs.

Note: StretchFit images and trademarks may be used to describe and promote StretchFit programs exclusively and will ONLY be considered for use by StretchFit Franchisees. The following are required guidelines to ensure that all collateral materials including ads, brochures, web pages, manuals, published editorial, reviews, press releases and other print and digital materials support our brands. As a leading authority on stretching and other responsible mind-body exercise, we pride ourselves on producing high-calibre Intellectual Property materials (images, content etc.) for use by our valued partners. Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure the strength of our brands.

Marketing Materials Approval Process

Anyone using StretchFit logos, images or trademarks owned and licensed by StretchFit must email or fax a copy of their initial design concept for review BEFORE the final stages of production. It is advised that you place the image in your design to ensure timely review of your materials. Upon completion of the review, feedback will be given and any changes should be made before publication. Please allow up to five (5) business days for the marketing review process. Please send all materials for review to

Availability of Photography and Videos

Select photographs and videos are available for one-time web and print usage (approval must be sought for each media usage — per brochure, ad, editorial/article, review, website, etc.). To qualify for usage, you must be a StretchFit Franchisee.

Photography and Video Usage Guidelines

In order to use StretchFit photos and videos, you agree to:

  • Obtain permission from the StretchFit Marketing Department
  • Comply with all copyright and trademark requirements
  • Include a logo link to
  • Receive final approval of your website or online promotion from the StretchFit Marketing Department.

Please note that all StretchFit photography and video usage for online or printed materials must include the following credit:

  • “Photography © StretchFit Pty Ltd”
  • “Video ©StretchFit Pty Ltd”

You are free to download images for your design mock-ups. You will receive an email with approval or feedback for adjustments within five (5) business days.

Logo Usage

Under no circumstances should any StretchFit logos be recreated.

  • Under no circumstances should the proportions of the logo be altered in any way, including colour changes without prior authorization.
  • The logo can be placed no smaller than can be easily read with the unaided eye.
  • Web-ready logos may NOT be used in printed materials

Our educational manuals, instructional and promotional materials are not to be duplicated.

  • StretchFit photography may not be used in promotional materials without mention of StretchFit or your association with any of our branded programs in the copy and/or use of our logo.
  • No modifications, changes or alterations may be made on photographs or any part thereof, directly or indirectly, without prior written consent.

Have more questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact our Marketing Department at