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Become a StretchFit affiliate!

Are you interested in running your very own StretchFit space and making a difference? Join the fastest-growing trend in health and fitness -stretching and recovery- with StretchFit. We have an inexpensive affiliate model that enable you to run your own business the way you want while benefitting from all our experience. You can purchase our equipment and set up a StretchFit space within your existing premises or go all out and open a full studio. Whatever you decide, we’ll be there with training, marketing materials, our app, our patented equipment, monthly online meetings and online classes, and ongoing education at minimal cost. Best of all, your maximum ongoing cost is just $19.95 per week! We don’t take your money; we help you to make it.

Download the two documents below and contact us for further information.

Join the fastest growing trend in health and wellness- Stretching and recovery-with StretchFit!