Yin Yang Teaching Styles

Yin vs. Yang Teaching styles

The “Beyond Biomechanics” series of short courses is designed to encourage both students and teachers to critically reflect on their teaching styles and other aspects of the work that teachers and therapists do. Participants engage with a variety of materials, such as reading selected articles or listening to informative podcasts. These resources serve as a catalyst for introspection and discussion, prompting individuals to consider how the content relates to their own teaching practices. The primary aim of this series is developmental: to foster a reflective and self-aware approach to teaching, ultimately promoting authenticity and growth in educational methods.

This course will focus on the following:

  • Interoception
  • Aesthetic vs. feeling based stretching
  • Bone structure and stretching
  • Verbal cuing and visual demonstration and their effects
  • Stretch intensity and fascia
  • Breathwork, fight or flight and stretching
  • The use of humor when teaching
  • Transference of skills from class to daily life