Stretching sessions

StretchFit’s unique patented equipment means a safe, effective stretch every time, without guessing “am I doing it right?” Our equipment hits the right spot with ease and precision and little chance of injury. You’ll get a great stretch and reach your goals in no time.


Our Sessions

“Stretched-out” clients in our group and private sessions range from judges, tradies, armed service members, triple world champions, ultra marathon runners and everything in between. We stretch any body and every body


Group Sessions

Choose from our men’s only “Stiffies” classes, our 60-minute full body “Stretchouts” and our 30-minute Xpress sessions with a focus on a particular region like the hips or shoulders. Not sure which on is for you? Check out a “First timers” FAQ page for more information.

Private sessions

If you have prefer working on your own, have specific needs or goals, are carrying an injury or pathology, or just want to try a few sessions before joining a class, consider some one -on -one sessions. We can give you a full assessment, personal stretches and create a home program for you too, using material from our books.