Welcome, Stiffie!

At StretchFit, we get that you need to stretch, but that you're not a "namaste" kind of guy



So at StretchFit we just stick to the stretching. Sure, it’s relaxing, but there’s no need to chant, become a vegan, grow a man bun, or learn Sanskrit!

You have trouble tying yourself into knots……

At StretchFit we get that too.

That’s why we built special equipment to stretch on.

It isolates muscles just like gym equipment does. There’s no guessing “am I doing it right?”  It’s simple and it works.

You’ve tried everything …


We get that too. But we bet that you haven’t tried anything that’s dedicated entirely to making you more flexible.

Stretching is what we do!



Come and try a “stiffies” session this week.

It’s a men-only group for blokes who are stiff like you. And since you’ve taken the time to read about us, use this code for a 20% discount.


Your code: STIFF20

To read more about stretching, the Stiffies sessions and what they can do for you, click below.

The Stiffies! Why not give it a crack?