Private Sessions with the Creators

from $59

Solo sessions are your opportunity to relax and experience the simplicity and depth of StretchFit with the creators of the concept Anthony lett and Kenyi Diaz. Explore the work, your body, ask questions and the experience the wonders that StretchFit can do for you!

A suitable solution for those who...

  • Get comfortable before joining a group
  • Prefer the focus of individual sessions
  • Want to have a full body flexibility assessment
  • Have injuries or pathologies
  • Are athletes or weekend warriors with particular needs
  • Are looking for a wellbeing practice

Benefits of Solo Sessions

Personal attention

A real opportunity to discuss your health history and explore your tight spots thoroughly without the distraction of other class members.

Hands on assistance

We can devote the entire session to stretching you, bending you in and out of shape, and applying a deep tissue theragun massage to further assist with your stiff and tight tissues.

Stress relief and sleep

Stretching produces more than longer muscles. Part of the response to stretching is the production of feel-good chemicals like endorphins. Feel replenished and sleep like a log.

Rehab, Prehab and Pain management

Sore back, painful joints, chronic pain, or muscle strains? Stretching is well established scientifically to reduce the incidence of injury and speed recovery.

Boosted performance

Recovery is all the rage now, because without it, you cant perform at your best. Stretching with us will induce states of deep relaxation, where tissues heal, as well as preventing the usual soreness that interferes with your next training session.

Body Future-proofing

Prevent the types of postures and disabilities that affect the aged by taking a weekly stretch. It’s like an oil change for your body every single week.

Reviews from our Private Clients

Hey, don’t just listen to us! Our stretch-loving squad has some stories to share. They’ve bent, twisted, and stretched their way to a healthier lifestyle. Get the lowdown on their private session experiences right here.


Read our blog for in depth discussion of all things stretching!

Do I need to be flexible to try StretchFit?

Of course not! If you already are really flexible, you probably don’t need us!

Are the teachers well trained?

Anthony and Kenyi have written 8 books on stretching and flexibility and taught health professionals in over 30 countries. Their experience is also supported with academic qualifications. All staff undergo a comprehensive training program which is overseen by Dr Gerry Ahearn, Associate Professor of Surgery and Human Anatomy.

Will it hurt?

Stretching that is very painful is counterproductive, triggering body reflects that prevent flexibility. Although your muscles need to be lengthened to adapt, you will not be in pain.

Is there parking?

Yes, free parking for two hours is available in the building.

Can I bring a friend or family?

Yes! Let us know and we’ll give you a “friend with benefits card.”

When will I feel the results?

Instantly! Of course, they won’t last, or you’d only need to attend once. But after 3 to 4 weeks, you should feel like you do after a class, more often than not. It sounds over the top, but it could very well change your life.

Pick your perfect stretch

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