StretchFit private group

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In a private group, you’ll stretch every muscle in the body!
Join a bunch of up to 7 other stiffies and stretch away those aches
and pains on equipment deigned to make it easy.

StretchFit private group

In a private group, you’ll stretch every muscle in the body without the embarrassment of lying on a yoga mat next to a 20-year-old contortionist! Join a bunch of up to 7 other stiffies and stretch away those aches and pains on equipment deigned to make it easy. Theres no chanting, no tying yourself in knots, and no guessing “am I doing it right?” That’s why thousands of clients have joined us over the last 25 years!

A suitable solution for those who...

  • Want to stretch out the aches and pains of daily life
  • Are getting old and feeling the effects
  • Are weekend warriors and want to fend off the injuries
  • Need to recover from training
  • Want to increase their healthspan, not just their lifespan
  • Have tried Yoga and Pilates and its not their “thing”

Benefits of a private group

Personal attention

We take a maximum of 7 stiffies per class, so we can assist you the whole way through.

Isolate each muscle group

Many programs involve complex movements that require good flexibility before you even start. Our programs are simple and effective, targeting small groups of muscles one at a time, for simplicity and effectiveness.


Everyone knows they need to stretch, but who does it at home!? By booking a weekly session, you’ll find the discipline to turn up, feel great and enjoy the company of other Stiffies.

Stress relief

Stretching produces more than longer muscles. Feel-good chemicals like endorphins will ensure you leave a session feeling totally relaxed. “Like taking off a tight pair of shoes!” says one client.

Rehab, prehab and pain management

Sore back, painful joints, chronic pain, or muscle strains? You’ll wonder why you spent so much time and money on painkillers and therapists once you’ve experienced the relief of a deep stretch with us.

Boosted performance and sleep

Stretching with us will induce states of deep relaxation, where tissues heal, as well as preventing the usual soreness that interferes with your next training session.

Age well

Prevent the types of postures and disabilities that affect the aged by taking a weekly stretch. It’s like an oil change for your body every single week.

Hey, don’t just listen to us!

Our stretch-loving squad has some stories to share. They’ve bent, twisted, and stretched their way to a healthier lifestyle. Get the lowdown on their Stiffies experiences right here.

Based on 43 reviews
Lina Marotta
Lina Marotta
Anthony’s classes are amazing! Feeling so much better after only 1 session - highly recommend
David Joughin
David Joughin
I have found stretchfit really helpful with my overall health and managing discomfort from prior injuries.
C King
C King
In the last six months of attending sessions at Stretch Fit Studio, I've been compelled to share my experience. The owner and instructor, Anthony, stands out with his exceptional skill and knowledge in fitness and stretching. His approach has significantly helped mitigate injuries I've sustained from various activities such as running, CrossFit, Australian Football, and regular gym workouts. What impresses me most about Anthony is his mastery of various stretching techniques. He can remarkably tailor these techniques to suit individual needs and accommodate different group sizes. Each session is a testament to his dedication and understanding of his clients' requirements. Not only have I noticed an improvement in my flexibility and a reduction in pain, but Anthony's guidance has also enhanced my overall performance in sport and exercise routines. His friendly and professional demeanour and deep understanding of body mechanics make Stretch Fit Studio a leading choice for anyone looking to improve their physical well-being. I highly recommend Stretch Fit Studio to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and compassionate instructor who genuinely cares about their clients' health and fitness goals. Thanks, Anthony, for your invaluable support and guidance!
Monique Jeffrey
Monique Jeffrey
I have been going to Stretchfit classes for a month or so now and I am noticing a dramatic difference. I have always lacked flexibility but over the past year I have suffered with sciatica. The Stretchfit classes have made a huge difference to my pain levels and helped greatly with my continued healing journey.
Ian Markwood
Ian Markwood
Love this place. My new obsession and it is doing wonders for my body!
Timothy Wildermuth
Timothy Wildermuth
Lorita Mao
Lorita Mao
Good stretch class
Joseph Egan
Joseph Egan
Have been doing stretch fit for a number of months now and have noticed a massive difference with my lower back pain and overall flexibility. Would highly recommend to those who have poor flexibility or general poor movement.
Sally Pello
Sally Pello
I have had issues with extremely tight quads and low flexibility in my glutes. This lead to alot of knee pain. It took me different physio, doctors, chiropractor to figure out what was the cause and they all came to a different conclusion. My pain has adhere for more than one year and it has progress gotten worse. I came to Stretchfit classes and it felt like a calling I need. No-nonsense guided full body stretches that will help with my mobility. I don't know how something so "Simple" could have solved much of my pain and discomfort. I have even tried yoga before and this is way better for me, as I don't have to adhere to spiritual mumbo jumbo on a weekday. Just functional stretches.
Troy Donnelly
Troy Donnelly
After working as an Ambulance Officer for 15 years, I injured my back in 2020. After trying physiotherapy, Reformer Pilates, countless epidural injections, nerve blocks, RFA procedures, laser, exercise physiology, shockwave therapy, hydrotherapy and truckloads of different medications, I opted for back surgery in early 2023. While the surgery provided near instant relief from the most severe pain, I was still reliant on pain killers to manage my daily life. At 38, I was almost resigned to having to live with back pain for the rest of my life until I recently moved to Brisbane and met Anthony and Kenyi. After my very first session, I immediately felt a reduction in pain and improvement of mobility. After only a few weeks, I was able to stop all regular pain medications and have been able to get back to doing a lot of activities that I previously enjoyed but couldn’t do. Despite the giggles from my doctor, physiotherapist and surgeon about doing “Stiffies,” their advice has been clear – Keep doing it. It’s been one of the best things for my recovery, it's very cathartic, especially now I'm back working full time and has very little risk of any reinjury.


Read our blog for in depth discussion of all things stretching!

Do I need to be flexible to try StretchFit?

Of course not! If you already are really flexible, you probably don’t need us!

Are the teachers well trained?

Anthony and Kenyi have written 8 books on stretching and flexibility and taught health professionals in over 30 countries. Their experience is also supported with academic qualifications. All staff undergo a comprehensive training program which is overseen by Dr Gerry Ahearn, Associate Professor of Surgery and Human Anatomy.

What is the atmosphere like?

Classes are relaxed, quiet and good humored.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is two hours free parking in Function Well.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Let us know and we’ll give you a “friend with benefits card.”

When will I feel the results?

Instantly! Of course, they won’t last, or you’d only need to attend once. But after 3 to 4 weeks, you should feel like you do after a class, more often than not. It sounds over the top, but it could very well change your life.

Private sessions are available at various times both am and pm. Click on the “Book Now” tab below, or email us on for availabilities.

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