StretchFit Station

$5,995 +GST

The patented StretchFit combination station is now available for gyms, recovery studios, therapists, and home use.

All the benefits for your health

Age without pain!

Find your daily Zen at home!

Provide gym members with a proper recovery system

Provide patients and clients with the ability to stretch without struggle

Certify to teach online (prerequisites apply)

Prevent poor posture in your children

Elevate your health & wellbeing

The patented StretchFit combination station is now available for gyms, recovery studios, therapists, and home use.

Used in studios, pain clinics, hospitals and gyms across the US, Australia, the UK and South Africa, you can enjoy the incredible health benefits of therapeutic stretching in your home or facility. Join thousands of others and add StretchFit’s unique anatomical approach to your health and wellbeing practice.

Eco-friendly Stations: Proudly Australian-made

Made from beautiful FSC birch wood or hoop-pine, our stations are an approved Australian product. We have manufacturers in the US, EU and Australia. Provided with all standard accessories and two Airex mats, you can choose from the sporty blue/grey/white stripes or the eco stripes. (FSC-certified forests are managed to strict environmental, social and economic standards.)

Optional Add-ons

Additionally, our StretchFit combination station offers optional add-ons that allow you to tailor your experience, ensuring you get the most out of your home workouts.

Tablet Holder
Cup Holder
Cross Bar


Having some equipment at home really, really, proved valuable during lockdown. Also, just being busy at work it is difficult to find time to attend regular classes/sessions so I like the flexibility of having equipment at home- works well for me. My visitors are envious and 4 years later I still use it almost daily!

Sharon S.

Lecturer Melbourne Business School The University of Melbourne, Australia

As an industrial designer and ergonomist, I’m very happy to endorse the SF Combination Station. Good design must always be made with the end-user in sight and in this instance, the Combination Station really hits the mark. It manages to lock you in so that you can’t avoid the stretch in the precise location but simultaneously permits enough movement for me, with my individual shape, to wriggle around and find my tight spots. As Anthony keeps telling me, this is the essence of the work. I feel safe and supported during each of the many stretches I do and my body feels as great as the Combo Station looks!

Geoff Gordon

Our clients love StretchFit, seeing the benefits to their health after only a few sessions. Our studio business saw the benefits to the bottom line within 6 months! It was the best investment we had made in the 9 years we had been in business. I would recommend StretchFit to any business looking for something unique and profitable.

Janice Paterson

Director, Premier Studios

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