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Full body StretchOut class

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In a full body StretchOut class, you’ll relax and stretch every muscle group in the body, from the feet up! We’ll isolate each muscle group, just like you would in a gym, but instead of bulking it up, we’ll stretch it out. Our patented equipment makes it easy-there’s no tying yourself in knots and no guessing “am I doing it right?” It’s a relaxed and peaceful environment, which a touch of humor thrown in! The perfect wellbeing practice to feel replenished and rejuvenated.

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Benefits of small group sessions

Personal attention

We take a maximum of 8 clients per class, so we can watch and assist you the whole way through.

Isolate each Muscle group

Many programs involve complex movements that require good flexibility before you even start. Our programs are simple and effective, targeting small groups of muscles one at a time. Its safe and works with every body.

Stress relief and sleep

Stretching produces more than longer muscles. Feel-good chemicals like endorphins will ensure you leave a session feeling like you’re floating on air, several feet taller and totally refreshed. “Like taking off a tight pair of shoes!” says one client.

Rehab, Prehab and Pain management

Sore back, painful joints, chronic pain, or muscle strains? You’ll wonder why you spent so much time and money on painkillers and therapists once you’ve experienced the relief of a deep stretch with us.

Boosted performance

Stretching with us will induce states of deep relaxation, where tissues heal, as well as preventing the usual soreness that interferes with your next training session.

Age well

Prevent the types of postures and disabilities that affect the aged by taking a weekly stretch. It’s like an oil change for your body every single week.

Reviews from the FUllbody Stretchout Squad

Hey, don’t just listen to us! Our stretch-loving squad has some stories to share. They’ve bent, twisted, and stretched their way to a healthier lifestyle. Get the lowdown on their Fullbody StretchOut experiences right here.

Stretchfit has really improved all aspects of my life. I am amazed at how much physical strength and body confidence I have developed in a short time. The expertise of Anthony and the other teachers is wonderful, and they are always keen to help. Highly recommend it.
Sheila Murray
I highly recommend people try this. In a relatively short amount of time, the range of motion of my whole body is greatly increased and pain levels greatly decreased. Basically, I move better and more easily in everyday life.
Sam David
So very simple but so very effective. I’m 57 and have been to Stretchfit now for close on 12 months and I notice it if I miss a week. Try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Neil Harper
Stretch Fit is the way to go! Yes, it hurts a fair bit when you first start out but you feel SO good when the session is over. Anthony knows his stuff and is incredibly kind and supportive. It's also fun being with others in a safe and supportive 'stretching' environment! You can have a good laugh with others! Give it a go. You won't regret it!
Lyndal Clark
Regular stretching is so essential to achieve and maintain joint mobility, joint strength and general joint health and I’ve relatively recently found StretchFit studio. I started it to see if it helped me achieve more athletic goals in cross training and cross fit style movements. Anthony provides a very controlled and calm friendly environment for every individual to maximise their goals.
Pete Dunn


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Of course not! If you already are really flexible, you probably don’t need us!

Anthony and Kenyi have written 8 books on stretching and flexibility and taught health professionals in over 30 countries. Their experience is also supported with academic qualifications. All staff undergo a comprehensive training program which is overseen by Dr Gerry Ahearn, Associate Professor of Surgery and Human Anatomy.

Stretching that is very painful is counterproductive, triggering body reflects that prevent flexibility. Although your muscles need to be lengthened to adapt, you will not be in pain.

Yes, park opposite at Woolies Gasworks , with two hours free.

Yes! Let us know and we’ll give you a “friend with benefits card.”

Instantly! Of course, they won’t last, or you’d only need to attend once. But after 3 to 4 weeks, you should feel like you do after a class, more often than not. It sounds over the top, but it could very well change your life.



6:30pm Full Body Stretchout

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10:30am Full Body Stretchout

5:00pm Full Body Stretchout

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60 min


7:00am Full Body Stretchout

6:00pm Full Body Stretchout

60 min

60 min


5:00pm Full Body Stretchout

60 min


7:30am Full Body Stretchout

10:00am Full Body Stretchout

60 min

60 min


8:00am Full Body Stretchout

9:00am Full Body Stretchout

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