Stretching for men who are stiff in all the wrong places!

StretchFit Studios Stiffies Sessions

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In a men’s only “stiffies” class, you’ll stretch every muscle group in the body, without the embarrassment of lying on a yoga mat next to some bendy 20-year-old contortionist! Join a bunch of other flexibility-challenged men and stretch away those aches and pains on a piece of equipment designed to make it easy. There’s no chanting, no tying yourself in knots and no guessing “am I doing it right?” That’s why thousands of men have joined our Stiffies sessions over the past 20 years!

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Benefits of this class

Personal attention

We take a maximum of 8 stiffies per class, so we can assist you the whole way through.

Isolate each Muscle group

Many programs involve complex movements that require good flexibility before you even start. Our programs are simple and effective, targeting small groups of muscles one at a time, for simplicity and effectiveness.


Everyone knows they need to stretch, but who does it at home!? By booking a weekly session, you’ll find the discipline to turn up, feel great and enjoy the company of other Stiffies.

Stress relief

Stretching produces more than longer muscles. Feel-good chemicals like endorphins will ensure you leave a session feeling totally relaxed. “Like taking off a tight pair of shoes!” says one client.

Rehab, prehab and pain management

Sore back, painful joints, chronic pain, or muscle strains? You’ll wonder why you spent so much time and money on painkillers and therapists once you’ve experienced the relief of a deep stretch with us.

Boosted performance and sleep

Stretching with us will induce states of deep relaxation, where tissues heal, as well as preventing the usual soreness that interferes with your next training session.

Age well

Prevent the types of postures and disabilities that affect the aged by taking a weekly stretch. It’s like an oil change for your body every single week.

Reviews from our stiffies

Hey, don’t just listen to us! Our stretch-loving squad has some stories to share. They’ve bent, twisted, and stretched their way to a healthier lifestyle. Get the lowdown on their Stiffies experiences right here.

I love being a Stiffie! Well not the stiffness, but the class! It’s relaxed, I enjoy the discipline of having a weekly booking and I feel great!
Graham S.
I’ve been a Stiffie all my life without knowing it but now that I’m attending sessions it’s official! My golf game has improved drastically and I’m a convert. Highly recommended.
Richard Matthews
The men’s Stiffies classes make stretching almost fun, and the equipment really hits the spot. My hamstrings were shockers, but they are finally on the mend. I can even put my undies on in the mornings!
Sean Flynn
I joined the Stiffies to prepare for a 1000 km bike ride Through NZ. I finished the ride feeling well and stayed on as a Stiffie because I don’t want to go back to feeling stiff and sore.
Sam Brown
I used the Stiffies as preparation for the Noosa Triathlon. I actually came 5th in my group and qualified for the world championships. I was really impressed with my training recovery and have no doubt that StretchFit played a big part in that. As an athlete, I strongly recommend it.
Matthew lancet


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Of course not! If you already are really flexible, you probably don’t need us!

Anthony and Kenyi have written 8 books on stretching and flexibility and taught health professionals in over 30 countries. Their experience is also supported with academic qualifications. All staff undergo a comprehensive training program which is overseen by Dr Gerry Ahearn, Associate Professor of Surgery and Human Anatomy.

Classes are relaxed, quiet and good humored.

Yes, park opposite at Woolies Gasworks , with two hours free.

Yes! Let us know and we’ll give you a “friend with benefits card.”

Instantly! Of course, they won’t last, or you’d only need to attend once. But after 3 to 4 weeks, you should feel like you do after a class, more often than not. It sounds over the top, but it could very well change your life.



6:00pm Men's only Stiffies

60 min


6:00pm Men's only Stiffies

60 min

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