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StretchAnytime sessions are for those who love getting their StretchFit on! Join the studio and stretch every day of the week, using our patented equipment, tablets and app. With stretches for individual muscles groups and follow along sessions too, the app will guide you to full body flexibility and total relaxation!

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Benefits of membership


StretchFit equipment is purpose built for safety and effectiveness. There’s nothing like it anywhere. If you’re serious about becoming flexible, we are your people!

Stress relief

Do you feel stressed and need a wellbeing practice that brings real results? Stretching is tried and tested for pain relief, mindfulness, and general health. Check out the multiple benefits on our “about” page.

Rehab, Prehab and Pain management

Sore back, painful joints, chronic pain, or muscle strains? You’ll wonder why you spent so much time and money on painkillers and therapists once you’ve experienced the relief of the StretchFit experience.

Boosted health & performance

Stretching induces states of deep relaxation, where tissues heal & blood vessels relax as well as preventing the usual soreness that interferes with your next training session. Gain real health and wellbeing with a regular practice.

Age well

Prevent the types of postures and disabilities that affect the aged by taking your health into your hands. You’ll feel in control and positive.

Reviews from the StretchAnytime Squad

Hey, don’t just listen to us! Our stretch-loving squad has some stories to share. They’ve bent, twisted, and stretched their way to a healthier lifestyle. Get the lowdown on their StretchAnytime experiences right here.

I have found the advantage of accessing the stretchfit studio for unsupervised sessions amazing. Living nearby I can choose a time that suits me and do a stretch class when it suits me, whether it is for an hour or just 30 minutes.
Gary Bruce
My wife and I graduated to the unsupervised program which gives us the flexibility to stretch almost anytime during the week within a very versatile and convenient timetable.
Gerard Paglioaro
Love this opportunity to stretch unsupervised! The apps provided, give clear personal options for my problem areas, giving independent sessions which complement the classes.
Pam Stallman


Read our blog for in depth discussion of all things stretching!

You’ll need to have some private or group sessions to learn about the stretch equipment before working on your own. Talk to us.

You’ll get your own key and booking app, so you can book your own stretch times.

There’s a camera in the studio so you can buzz us for help if necessary.

Yes, park opposite at Woolies Gasworks , with two hours free.

Sure. Take a private session and we’ll do a full body assessment. We’ll create a video program just for you.

Instantly! Of course, they won’t last, or you’d only need to attend once. But after 3 to 4 weeks, you should feel like you do after a session, more often than not. And the more often you do it, the easier and more rewarding it becomes.



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